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Josh Popper, Madonna’s Adoring Boyfriend, Has Revealed His Future Plans After Helping Her Through a Health Scare

Josh Popper, Madonna's Adoring Boyfriend, Has Revealed His Future Plans After Helping Her Through a Health Scare

Following a health scare earlier this year, Madonna and her boyfriend, Josh Popper, have maintained a strong and supportive relationship.

Their relationship first garnered attention in February when they were spotted together. It was later revealed that Josh, a 30-year-old boxing coach, was the new love interest of the pop icon.

In June, Madonna experienced a health crisis and was found unconscious in her New York apartment. She later described this incident as a stroke of luck to have survived. During this challenging period, Josh was a pillar of support for the “Like A Virgin” star.

Due to her health concerns, Madonna was required to postpone the start of her global tour scheduled to begin in October at London’s O2.

Those close to Madonna in her inner circle have indicated that Josh, despite the age gap, has had a positive influence on her. They believe that this relationship contributes to her overall well-being.

Regarding Madonna, an insider shared with The Sun, “Josh is undoubtedly protective when it comes to Madonna.”

They also emphasized that there is no indication that his interest in her is financially motivated, as Josh had established himself before her entry into his life.

Josh transitioned to a career in insurance sales after a brief stint as an NFL player in 2016 and 2017. His fame began to rise in February after appearing on the Bravo reality show “Summer House.”

It is believed that Madonna and Josh crossed paths when he was training her son, David Banda, at his New York gym, Breadwinners.

While rumors of their relationship have surfaced on their social media accounts, neither of them has openly discussed it.

Unlike some of Madonna’s previous relationships with A-list celebrities that were often tumultuous, it seems that Josh is better equipped to handle the whirlwind associated with the pop star. Madonna’s first two marriages were to actor Sean Penn and film director Guy Ritchie.

A source close to Josh shared that he remains calm and doesn’t react as intensely as Sean Penn when dealing with intrusive photographers. Composure is an essential quality to maintain when in Madonna’s presence, and Josh has already demonstrated it. It’s a matter of him continuing to exhibit this quality over time.

Despite their relatively short time together, Josh and Madonna have already weathered some challenging circumstances, such as the postponement of her tour. Josh has consistently supported her during these trying times, and it’s only a matter of time before he may want to formalize their relationship when the timing is right.

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