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Future Plans of Madonna’s Loving Boyfriend Josh Popper After Aiding Her Health Scare

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Madonna and her boyfriend, Josh Popper, have maintained a strong and supportive relationship following a health scare. Their romance made headlines earlier this year when they were first seen together in February. Josh, a 30-year-old boxing coach, became Madonna’s new love interest. During Madonna’s health scare in June, Josh stood by her side as a pillar of support while she described the experience as “lucky to be alive.”

The health scare also led to a delay in the start of Madonna’s global tour scheduled for October at London’s O2. According to sources close to Madonna, Josh’s presence has been a positive influence on her, despite their age gap. He is seen as protective, and there is no indication of his involvement for potential financial gain. Josh’s background includes a short stint as an NFL player in 2016 and 2017, and he later transitioned to insurance sales. His popularity rose after appearing on the Bravo reality show “Summer House” in February.

It is believed that Madonna and Josh crossed paths when he was training her son, David Banda, at his New York gym, Breadwinners. While rumors of their relationship have surfaced on social media, neither has openly discussed it. In contrast to some of Madonna’s past turbulent relationships with A-list celebrities, Josh appears more equipped to handle the challenges associated with dating the pop icon, displaying composure and support during difficult times. It remains to be seen when they might decide to make their relationship official, waiting for the right moment to do so.

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