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Widow of Guitar Tech Sues KISS for Wrongful Death Occurring During Band’s Tour in 2021

Widow of Guitar Tech Sues KISS for Wrongful Death Occurring During Band's Tour in 2021

KISS, one of the world’s most legendary bands, is currently facing a lawsuit filed by the family of their late guitar technician, Fran Stueber, who worked with the group in 2021. The lawsuit alleges wrongful death and negligence, with Stueber’s widow asserting that her husband’s death resulted directly from the dangerous condition created by the defendants.

The defendants in the lawsuit include KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, as well as their manager Doc McGhee. The promoter, Live Nation, and the hotel chain Marriott were also named as defendants.

The lawsuit is linked to an investigation conducted by Rolling Stone in 2021, which alleged that a lack of COVID-19 protocols contributed to the guitar technician’s death. Stueber’s family claims that the band did not enforce or have stricter policies regarding COVID-19 at the time, resulting in an outbreak among band members and their associates.

As of now, the specific amount being sought in damages is unknown, but it is expected to cover special damages, other expenses, lost income, and medical costs.

When Fran Stueber passed away, Paul Stanley paid tribute to his dear friend and guitar tech of 20 years. He mentioned their close relationship and how he depended on him both on and offstage. The band member expressed his family’s love for Stueber and emphasized how proud Stueber was of his own family.

KISS has not yet released a statement on this matter, and there have been no court dates set for the lawsuit.

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