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What I Discovered While Building A $30 Million Home Services Company

What I Discovered While Building A $30 Million Home Services Company

Back in 2006, when I initially established my modest two-man garage door business, the notion of expanding it nationwide with over 80 employees was beyond my wildest dreams. People have often asked me the secret to my business’s remarkable success over the past decade. My response is straightforward: passion.

Passion keeps me at work during late hours, rouses me from sleep in the middle of the night, and drives me to visit a customer’s home if we’ve fallen short. There is no greater asset in the world of business.

Passion elevates your skills, convinces customers, attracts investors, and inspires your team. When I reflect on the exceptional customer service representatives, field technicians, and top-notch dispatchers we’ve had, one common denominator stands out: their ability to use passion to surmount challenges.

In more than 90% of my phone calls, the customer inevitably asks, “Are you the owner?” By taking ownership and infusing my responses with a particular tone and fervor, customers recognize that I’m not providing a run-of-the-mill reply. It’s this very passion that has propelled my business to new heights. Now, I’ll share how you can cultivate this mindset within your business.

Prepare for Victory:

First and foremost, business owners must possess the determination to strive for excellence. I often tell my team that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who detest finishing last and those who yearn to be first. As an owner, I fall into the latter category, and I’ve instilled this ethos in the fabric of my business.

Every Thursday morning, we conduct sales meetings during which technicians note their names and sales figures on a whiteboard. If their figures fall below the minimum goal, they use red markers on the left side of the board, while black markers on the right side signify surpassing the target. Each week, we present awards to the sales staff on the right side.

Those on the left side of the board are required to explain what actions they’ll take to perform better in the following week and are given a performance improvement plan. Additionally, we invest in all relevant studies pertaining to the garage door industry and set our objectives at least 30% higher than the industry’s top performers.

You alone are responsible for establishing your key performance indicators, which I recommend basing on various factors, such as the extent to which you assist your colleagues, financial goals, and growth rates for expansion.

Engage with Those Who Ignite Your Passion:

If I were to dedicate five minutes to every employee every day, it would consume seven hours before my day even began. It is vital for every individual in the company to feel that they have a voice, particularly when it comes to interacting with the owner or CEO.

You can establish this dialogue through a job performance calendar. Initially, ensure that your employees are rated according to a standardized grading system, ideally one that you can access through your CRM to evaluate their performance. Then, allocate time each week to meet with a few employees to discuss their performance, personal goals, and upcoming events.

Within a short time, the workplace atmosphere will significantly improve, and the process of recruitment will become more straightforward. Happy employees serve as the best recruiters, as I would choose a strong referral over a resume any day.

I make an effort to engage with individuals who motivate me, kindle my passion, and help me remain focused on our game plan. Each day, I place at least one 15-minute phone call to one of the three individuals who fit this description. This practice keeps me on target and invigorated. We engage in brainstorming sessions until I’m inspired.

Make a list of questions concerning how you can expedite your business’s progress, and compile a list of individuals best suited to provide insights into these queries. People generally enjoy providing advice and are usually more than willing to assist.

Reflect on Your Journey:

The final step toward cultivating true passion is self-reflection. Compile a list of all your accomplishments, both professionally and personally. I suggest jotting these achievements on yellow sticky notes, placing them on your mirror, and reviewing them daily. On your phone, record both your short-term and long-term goals, and listen to them each night before retiring.

Once a week, set aside time to peruse photographs and reconnect with old friends. Consider the origins of your company, and the immense effort you invested in working within the business, rather than on the business. Nowadays, I occasionally peruse my company’s Facebook timeline to reminisce about my journey from where I started to where I am now. Infuse this passion into every encounter you have the following day.

Passion isn’t linked to prestigious degrees or vast wealth; it emanates from within. It can’t be bought or sold, yet it’s indispensable for success. From all my years of schooling and entrepreneurial experience, I can attest that passion is the single most crucial key to business triumph.

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