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Permali Gloucester Secures AJAX Vehicle Support Contract

Permali Gloucester Secures AJAX Vehicle Support Contract

Permali Gloucester, a composite manufacturer, has secured a significant contract worth £15 million to supply armoured materials to General Dynamics European Land Systems. These materials will serve as a crucial component for 589 AJAX vehicles intended for use by the British Army. This contract will help sustain 34 jobs at Permali Gloucester, a company established since 1937, which supplies the defense, aerospace, rail, and automotive sectors.

Recently, the company engaged in a substantial research and development program and invested £300,000 in new machinery to produce the newly developed materials. AJAX vehicles are advanced medium armoured fighting vehicles primarily used for reconnaissance.

Major General Robert Talbot Rice, Director of Land Equipment and the UK’s Defence Equipment and Support organization, expressed the importance of the AJAX vehicle for the UK’s new Strike Brigades, providing rapid and effective response capabilities across diverse terrains. The contract with Permali solidifies their role in delivering world-class protection for the British Army’s next-generation fighting vehicles.

Colin MacAdam, Managing Director at Permali, praised the seven-year contract, attributing its success to the dedication and hard work of many employees. The AJAX vehicle represents the benchmark for incorporating the latest technologies, and Permali has demonstrated its leadership in developing cutting-edge composite technology, even in the face of international competition.

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