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Paul McCartney Continues to Find Inspiration in John Lennon’s Legacy, Even Years After His Passing

Paul McCartney Continues to Find Inspiration in John Lennon's Legacy, Even Years After His Passing

John Lennon‘s influence on the world and fellow Beatles member Paul McCartney continues to endure, even decades after Lennon’s passing. In the podcast “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics,” McCartney opened up about how Lennon’s legacy continues to inspire his songwriting, even though Lennon is no longer with us.

McCartney shared that he often wonders what Lennon would think of his new music when writing songs, and he would alter the track if he believed Lennon would find it “too soppy.”

He explained, “Often I’ll sort of refer… ‘What would John think of this? He’d have thought it was too soppy, so I’ll change it.” This reflection underscores the lasting impact of Lennon on McCartney’s creative process.

In the podcast episode, McCartney also reminisced about how effortlessly he and Lennon used to write music together. The collaboration was seamless because “two minds were at work.” McCartney emphasized that their creative interplay was extraordinary and not as prevalent in his solo work.

Additionally, McCartney shared a recollection of Lennon’s preference for having his then-girlfriend, Yoko Ono, present in the recording studio while the Beatles recorded their songs. This unique dynamic added a new dimension to their creative process.

Paul McCartney is currently preparing to embark on a series of concerts in Australia in a few days, commencing at the Entertainment Centre in Adelaide on October 18. For those interested in experiencing his live performances, tickets are available via Ticketmaster. McCartney’s tour dates for 2023 in Australia are listed, covering cities such as Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. This tour allows fans to enjoy the music of a legendary artist who has been deeply influenced by the memory and spirit of his former bandmate, John Lennon.

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