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One Broadway Production Adele Would Consider for Her EGOT

One Broadway Production Adele Would Consider for Her EGOT

Adele does not currently anticipate receiving a Tony Award nomination, which would place her among the select few to achieve EGOT status. Nevertheless, she doesn’t rule it out entirely.

The Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy Award winner shared her secret musical career aspiration at a recent fan event celebrating her latest music video for “I Drink Wine,” as reported by Broadway World.

She clarified that she is not a major Broadway enthusiast, particularly in the realm of musicals. While she has attended a few plays, she believes she needs to see more live theater before forming a definitive opinion.

However, she mentioned that she watched a production of Arthur Laurents’ “Gypsy” and was deeply moved by the song “Rose’s Turn.” She discussed her admiration for the character of the mother in the play, who becomes envious of her child’s success and believes that it was all because of her. She even wrote a song about it. Adele admitted that for a while, she could relate to the character as a somewhat superficial individual.

Adele’s residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, titled “Weekends with Adele,” is set to commence in November and run through March 2023. While she had to postpone the production earlier this year, she mentioned that she has considered making changes to increase her chances of winning a Tony Award.

She acknowledged that she hasn’t seen enough of Broadway as an adult to confidently make that leap. Adele humorously remarked that she prefers the idea of having an EGO rather than an EGOT, eliciting laughter from the audience. She mentioned that having a healthy ego can be entertaining, but one should always remain open to possibilities. She concluded by saying that if she ever relocates to New York and finds herself with some free time, she may very well take the stage on Broadway.

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