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Negative Reactions to Amy Schumer’s Instagram Post Criticizing Nicole Kidman at the US Open

Negative Reactions to Amy Schumer's Instagram Post Criticizing Nicole Kidman at the US Open

A recent incident on social media involved comedian Amy Schumer and a now-deleted Instagram post that featured Nicole Kidman at the US Open. Schumer faced accusations of “cyberbullying” the renowned actress from “Big Little Lies.”

In the post, Schumer shared a snapshot of Kidman at the event, dressed in pink, with a caption that read, “This is how humans sit,” suggesting Kidman’s demeanor appeared somewhat robotic. The post was met with swift backlash from Schumer’s followers, who criticized it as “mean” and accused her of engaging in “mean girl public trolling.”

Schumer decided to remove the post, but the controversy had already ignited discussions on social media. Both Schumer and Kidman’s representatives have not issued statements regarding the incident when contacted by Page Six.

Despite the online turmoil, Kidman continued her participation at the US Open, expressing support for Coco Gauff, who won her match. Schumer also shared her support for Gauff, and both coincidentally wore pink attire to the event. Kidman maintained her poise despite the online controversy surrounding her.

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