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Miley and Noah Cyrus at odds? What THE VIDEO’s Younger Sibling Had To Say Is Revealed

Miley and Noah Cyrus at odds What THE VIDEO's Younger Sibling Had To Say Is Revealed

Tensions within the Cyrus family have recently come to the fore after an interview with Miley Cyrus on Joe Rogan’s podcast led to a misunderstanding with her sister, Noah. During her podcast appearance, Miley discussed the challenges of growing up in the spotlight and how her family addresses these issues, including seeking professional help for mental health.

Miley acknowledged that not all of her family members are comfortable with the celebrity lifestyle, and she highlighted Noah’s passion for artistry and music as an example. This led to a conversation about Noah’s music, particularly her EP titled “The End of Everything,” which Miley praised. However, the situation took a turn when Miley labeled Noah as a “20-year-old emo kid.”

Joe Rogan and Miley discussed the challenges faced by the younger generation, including Noah’s struggles, and Miley expressed her concerns for her sister. While discussing growing up with a famous sister, Miley’s remarks inadvertently led to a misunderstanding. Noah responded to the situation on TikTok, expressing her displeasure with the “disrespect” in the video.

The incident has sparked speculation about potential family issues, particularly concerning Noah’s parents, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. Some have suggested that the family’s divided allegiances could be linked to the timing of these comments, with one person noting that Noah had “three years to say something.” The podcast exchange left many people puzzled, with some questioning whether Joe was being rude, Miley was being humorous and assertive, or perhaps both, in their interaction.

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