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Michelle Weinstein Discusses Mental Tricks, Building Self-Belief, And Overcoming Self-Doubt

Michelle Weinstein Discusses Mental Tricks, Building Self-Belief, And Overcoming Self-Doubt

Now, some potentially discouraging news: Entrepreneurship isn’t suited for everyone. To succeed, you must possess passion, self-assurance, and unwavering self-belief. It’s crucial not to take things too personally, and you mustn’t allow the internal dialogue to impede your progress.

However, here’s the good news! You no longer need to let your ego, fear, or anxiety hold you back. You can overcome these obstacles and realize the business and life you’ve always envisioned with dedication and consistency. It’s also essential to inject a bit of enjoyment into the process. All it requires is more time spent embracing and taking action.

Here are four strategies to transform your mindset, dispel self-doubt, and clear the path to your success.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones:

Confidence breeds more confidence, and the initiative starts with you. One of the most potent methods of boosting self-assurance is through the use of affirmations – a practice centered on positive thinking and self-empowerment. As Jack Canfield, the creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, advises, “Successful people understand that relying solely on willpower isn’t sufficient for success. You need to banish negative thoughts and images from your mind and saturate your subconscious with new, positive thoughts and present-tense affirmations.”

While you might initially doubt the effectiveness of affirmations, it’s worth noting that they are fundamentally about challenging and conquering self-sabotaging and pessimistic thoughts. To begin, select three affirmations related to the area of your life or business where you wish to see positive changes. For instance, try this one from “My capacity to overcome challenges is boundless; my potential for success is boundless.” Experiment with it and modify your daily affirmations to align with your vision.

Get out of your head and into the world:

Have you ever been so preoccupied with what you should say next that you ended up saying nothing at all? Or perhaps you’ve been so concerned about what others might think that you’ve refrained from acting on a great idea? You might benefit from real-world practice. Engage in real conversations with real people wherever you are, whether at the car wash, waiting in line at Starbucks, or cruising at 30,000 feet. Just say hello! Start a conversation, be yourself, and see where it leads. This simple step is an effective confidence booster.

Over time, you’ll overcome your fear of rejection, and the best part is that you never know who you might encounter – a potential client, contact, or friend. Try this with at least one person every day this week and observe the results.

Change your story:

When you begin to step out of your own head, you’ll notice a transformation in your thought patterns. With continuous practice, you can rewire your brain to work for you rather than against you. Numerous scientific studies have shown that mental training can physically alter brain structure. Your brain doesn’t distinguish between a real or imagined experience. This concept, known as “neuroplasticity,” means that what you think and believe significantly impacts your outcomes.

So, why not start telling yourself a different story? If you commence now, your thought patterns will eventually catch up. It’s time to rewrite your expectations and instill a belief in something better, even if you can’t fully believe it right now.

Start small, perhaps by expecting the ideal parking spot to open up for you the next time you pull into a parking lot. Believe that it’s already a done deal. Trust the outcome and cultivate gratitude. Even if you don’t snag a premium spot on your first try, maintain your belief that it will happen eventually. As you discover your ability to make minor things occur, trust in more significant achievements will naturally follow.

Pause the adulting mode and bring back the fun:

One of the most significant mindset hacks is to remember that being in business doesn’t have to be overly serious. Give yourself permission to enjoy your venture. Surprisingly, fun is a key factor in achieving significant success, something most of us tend to overlook completely.

When I began my sales career, I found myself succumbing to an overly serious, “adulting” mode. I took myself too seriously, wore a stern facade to appear professional, and became more fixated on outcomes than appreciating the journey. However, over the years, I allowed myself to inject more playfulness, fun, and spontaneity into my work. This made me more approachable, relatable, and likable – and it translated into more sales.

In conclusion, rewire your mind one affirmation at a time, truly feeling it in your heart. Build your confidence through real-world interactions. Revise the stories you tell yourself to uplift rather than undermine your confidence. Finally, reintroduce a bit of fun into your daily routine. This will result in increased confidence, greater happiness, and ultimately more success.

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