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Maria Elizabeth Del Ray: The Driving Force Behind Diversity and Cultural Celebration

Maria Elizabeth Del Ray The Driving Force Behind Diversity and Cultural Celebration

Maria Elizabeth Del Ray, the well-known face behind ChildGood Magazine, a creative family journal, is none other than a Cuban refugee and Latin Grammy award-winning artist. In addition to her work with ChildGood, Maria is renowned for founding Studio Mirey, a creative powerhouse responsible for producing a wide range of LatinX-themed content, including television, films, and bilingual music designed to be both relevant and socially empowering for children. Studio Mirey is dedicated to creating a diverse array of media, from mixed-media productions to stop-motion fabric art films, all with a strong emphasis on socially conscious content aimed at children, from toddlers to teens.

Music, as the famous saying goes, “divided by culture, united by music,” acts as a universal bridge that transcends cultural differences. It enables individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect and understand one another’s lives through the power of sound. Music has the ability to expand one’s perspective, fostering open-mindedness and compassion, making it a vital tool for fostering cross-cultural understanding across generations. In an era of advancing technology, music stands as a cornerstone of culture, preserving traditions and offering insights into different societies and customs. Sharing music from one culture to another provides a window into an alternative way of life, which is particularly essential during times of conflict when other forms of communication may be strained. Music possesses the remarkable capacity to make us more empathetic and understanding, allowing us to share in the joy, sorrow, hope, frustration, celebrations, and hardships of humanity across time and place.

Born on July 13, 1959, in Havana, Cuba, Maria Del Ray’s upbringing in Miami Beach, Florida, exposed her to a rich tapestry of cultures. She honed her cello-playing skills with the Miami Philharmonic and the Detroit Civic Orchestra and pursued her deep passion for music by studying at the University of Miami School of Music and the University of California, Los Angeles, where she delved into the realm of business entertainment.

Maria’s exceptional talents have led her to launch over 50 family-oriented titles internationally. Her portfolio includes music albums, live multimedia performing arts tours, educational books, and a range of music products available in multiple languages in the global family media and parenting magazine markets. She has also collaborated with Fortune 100 companies on advertising campaigns targeting the international bilingual market. Her unwavering dedication to promoting cultural traditions has resulted in numerous award-winning music products, educational books, and videos in various languages for the global family educational market. Her contributions to the entertainment industry have earned her an impressive array of awards and recognitions, including:

Latin Grammy Award, Nomination, Best Children’s Recording in The Americas

The Miami Herald, The Order of the Silver Knight

Pennsylvania Commission for Women, Hispanic Role Model

YWYCA Radical Justice Award, Voices Role Model Book

Parents’ Choice, Gold Award, Lullabies of Latin America

Parents; Choice, Silver Honor, Universe of Song

Ben Franklin Award-Publishing Marketers, Family Circus

NAPPA Gold Award, Lullabies of Latin America

Rotary International, Living Treasure Award Ojai, CA

Parents’ Choice Silver Award, The Peanut Man

Carnegie Centennial Award, Harlem Residency Program

Parents’ Council Selection, Lyric Language

Women’s Millennial Peace Conference United Nations Geneva, Switzerland Delegate Performer representing the Children of the Americas

Maria’s excellence in representing a diverse array of cultures has resulted in numerous awards and recognitions, including a Latin Grammy Producer nomination and multiple Gold, Silver, and Honorable Mention Awards from Parents’ Choice. Her contributions to the field have left an indelible mark on the world of children’s entertainment and cultural understanding.

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