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Joe Jonas, Reportedly ‘Irate,’ Accuses Taylor Swift of Interfering in His and Sophie Turner’s Divorce

Joe Jonas, Reportedly 'Irate,' Accuses Taylor Swift of Interfering in His and Sophie Turner's Divorce

Joe Jonas is reportedly unhappy about Taylor Swift’s involvement in his divorce from Sophie Turner. After Jonas filed for the dissolution of his marriage to Turner, the “Game of Thrones” actress was seen spending time with Swift in New York City, which surprised the public. They had girls’ nights out and attended an NFL game together.

Sources told Heat Magazine that Joe Jonas is furious about Swift’s involvement and believes it could make the divorce messier. He reportedly feels that Swift is turning the situation into a “mean-girl high school game” and sees her actions as immature. Jonas is particularly concerned about the well-being and future of his and Sophie’s children.

Swift and Jonas previously dated in 2016 but broke up after three months. Their breakup was marked by Jonas ending the relationship in a 27-second phone call. Swift wrote songs about their failed romance, including “Forever and Always” and “Better Than Revenge.”

According to another source, friends of the estranged couple are finding it challenging to choose sides, including Priyanka Chopra, who is married to Nick Jonas. While Swift and Turner’s female friends have supported Turner amid the divorce, the situation remains complex, as there are strong personal connections between the parties involved.

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