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How Jana Reinhardt, a jewelry designer, Created A Lucrative Online Business

Janna Reinhardt and Ross Cutting

When I embarked on my journey to establish a jewelry business, I brought with me the experience of a skilled goldsmith. However, the world of online retail was entirely uncharted territory for me. I had to adapt on the fly, learning the intricacies of e-commerce platforms and developing effective brand marketing strategies. All the while, I remained committed to the day-to-day tasks of designing and crafting exquisite jewelry pieces.

Now, as I look at my website, I see it exactly as I had envisioned. Even though I lack a physical storefront, I truly believe that when visitors explore my online store, they step into my world. This achievement was not without its share of lessons along the way.

Allow me to share some insights I wish I had possessed when I first embarked on my online jewelry business:

Maintain Swift Responsiveness:

While it may sound obvious, the key to success is responding promptly to inquiries, whether they arrive via email, your website, or over the phone. Unlike in a physical store, customers lack the option to engage a shop assistant with pressing questions. Should your response time lag, customers may easily migrate to a competitor’s website, leading to lost sales. Balancing the demands of your business can be challenging, but prioritizing the needs of your customers is essential. Even a quick acknowledgment followed by a commitment to provide a more comprehensive response later shows customers that their inquiries are valued. I make it a goal to respond to all inquiries within five minutes.

Implement Real-Time Customer Chat:

The addition of a live chat feature to your website is vital. In a 2013 study by retail strategy firm WD Partners, nearly 75 percent of respondents highlighted the importance of a human connection in their decision to purchase in-store rather than online. The inclusion of a chat function lends a more human touch to your site. It allows customers to engage with you immediately, facilitating the building of a personal rapport. This option is also beneficial for customers who prefer not to use the telephone, a trend that is increasingly prevalent in our digital age. There is a wide range of live chat add-ons available, so invest some time in research and take advantage of the free trials offered by most companies to find the one that aligns with your website.

Inject a Personal Touch:

I aspire to make every customer feel valued. Jewelry is an intensely personal choice, and I am honored when shoppers select one of my designs to wear daily or mark a special occasion in their lives. In an online shop, you can’t convey this in person, so I strive to add a personalized touch to each order. This may include a handwritten note or our meticulous packaging process. We use elegant branded boxes and carefully wrap each item, ensuring it exudes an inviting and appealing appearance. Going the extra mile to make each order unique often leads to repeat customers who return to me for their next jewelry purchase.

Incorporate a Review Feature:

The addition of a review feature is immensely valuable as it fosters a sense of security for potential buyers. I could extol the virtues of our products endlessly, but nothing compares to an impartial, unbiased review from a past customer. Reviews aid in making that pivotal decision to buy or not. We have featured reviews on our site from the start, and the feedback has proven highly valuable. While returns are a rarity for us, reviews serve to minimize the number of products sent back by addressing questions potential buyers may have. For instance, a review stating, “just the right size, looks really elegant and subtle” about one of our pendants can offer reassurance to a customer who is uncertain about the piece’s scale. Furthermore, it provides another means for customers to engage with us and personalize the shopping experience.

Select a Scalable Online Shopping Platform:

Having experimented with various platforms, I found that opting for larger brands like Shopify or ECWID served me better. These platforms ensure your website remains continuously updated, meaning that any bug fixes required in the vast network of stores they manage will also be applied to your site. They offer a plethora of applications to resolve most issues you might encounter. Opting for a substantial online shopping platform simplifies matters if you decide to expand your business and venture into other platforms such as Amazon and international websites. The data from your website can be effortlessly migrated to these new sites with minimal hassle. Additionally, I have found that relying on a larger company provides a sense of security. Smaller companies may carry a higher risk of folding, potentially resulting in the temporary loss of your website—a situation best avoided.

As a jewelry business owner, my journey has been marked by discoveries and growth. These insights are a testament to the invaluable lessons I’ve learned along the way. They have helped me shape my online store into a destination that not only showcases my jewelry but also provides a personalized, responsive, and secure shopping experience for my customers.

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