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For Halloween, Frankie Jonas and His Girlfriend Dress as Joe and His Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift, Poking Fun at Them

For Halloween, Frankie Jonas and His Girlfriend Dress as Joe and His Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift, Poking Fun at Them

Frankie Jonas, aged 22 and the youngest sibling of Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas, playfully teased his older brother by dressing up as both Joe Jonas, aged 33, and Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, aged 32, from the movie “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience” (2009) for Halloween.

Frankie’s costume spoof of his older brother featured him donning a black vest, a black t-shirt bearing the words “Burnin’ Up,” and styling his hair to fall forward over his forehead as he humorously mimicked singing to his girlfriend, Olson. She was dressed in a sequined outfit reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s attire during her performance with Joe in the movie.

Taking the comedic costume to the next level, Frankie shared a side-by-side photo of himself and his girlfriend alongside Joe and Taylor Swift on Twitter. The post was captioned with hashtags like #jonasbrothers3dmovie, #streammidnights, and #happyhalloween.

He extended the parody by poking fun at his older siblings’ commitment to abstinence until marriage, sharing a photo of what he dubbed as “matching purity rings.”

In one Instagram clip from his post, you can hear Frankie singing and directing his brother Nick to execute a flip on command while Olson playfully asks, “Joe Jonas, is that you?”

On TikTok, Frankie created another video, intensifying the mockery of Joe by impersonating both Joe and Taylor from the 3D movie, humorously attempting to ward off amorous and celibate youngsters.

Prior to revealing their complete outfits, Olson gave a sneak peek on Instagram, playfully suggesting that nobody would be prepared for their troll-themed costumes for the night. She then joked about trying to look attractive for Halloween for once instead of just going for troll costumes.

To complete the fun, Olson uploaded a video of the pair in costume, posing to the tune of “Should’ve Said No,” a hit from Taylor Swift’s debut album.

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