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Dan Reynolds’ Super Bowl Halftime Show with Imagine Dragons? We Want to Perform LIVE

Dan Reynolds' Super Bowl Halftime Show with Imagine Dragons? We Want to Perform LIVE
US rock band Imagine Dragons' lead singer Dan Reynolds performs on stage in front of the Chateau de Chambord castle on September 8, 2023 in Chambord, central France. (Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP) (Photo by GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP via Getty Images)

The coveted spot for the Super Bowl Halftime show, one of the biggest global music and sports events, often tops the wish list of many artists. However, Dan Reynolds, the frontman of Imagine Dragons, revealed that the band had considered and engaged in discussions with Super Bowl organizers but decided against it. They, along with U2, The Killers, and Taylor Swift, were seriously contemplated as headliners for the forthcoming Super Bowl halftime show. Surprisingly, Usher ultimately secured the spot for the 2024 Super Bowl, which came as an unexpected choice for many.

Reynolds emphasized that Imagine Dragons prioritize live instrumentals and their performance over theatrical displays. According to him, they would only consider performing at the Super Bowl if they could play their instruments live, following their established musical principles and maintaining the integrity of their performances. He stated that their commitment to live music has been a crucial part of their success over the years, and they are determined to stick to it.

Despite his comments, Reynolds clarified that he didn’t intend to criticize the Super Bowl or past performers. He merely pointed out that for a band like Imagine Dragons, live instruments, including live drums and guitars, are essential, which might not align with the Super Bowl’s typical halftime show setup. Reynolds retains a deep respect for the opinions and desires of their fans, leaving open the possibility that Imagine Dragons might headline the Super Bowl in the future, should conditions allow.

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