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Chris Rock Berated Jada Pinkett Smith for Her Outrageous Claims and Pleaded With Her to “Keep His Name Out of Her Mouth.”

Chris Rock Berated Jada Pinkett Smith for Her Outrageous Claims and Pleaded With Her to Keep His Name Out of Her Mouth.

Chris Rock is expressing his frustration as Jada Pinkett Smith continues to discuss their recent controversies. Sources indicate that Chris is annoyed by Jada’s references to him during her book promotion. There’s growing exasperation as the issue resurfaces in the public eye, with an anonymous insider describing it as a “huge source of irritation” for Chris. He prefers that Jada refrain from mentioning his name and feels that her constant discussion is a hindrance.

The recent revelations about Will and Jada’s seven-year separation have added complexity to the situation, with some fans interpreting her description of rapper Tupac as a “soulmate” as a veiled criticism of Will. During the 2022 Oscars, Will’s outburst surprised Jada when she discussed their alopecia controversy. She maintains that it’s unrelated to Chris and something from the past, but it seems to be a point of contention with Will, who disapproves of the issue resurfacing. Despite these controversies, it is revealed that Chris reached out to Jada, expressing interest in dating her after hearing about her impending separation from Will. However, she clarified that the divorce rumors were untrue, leading to Chris apologizing for the misunderstanding.

In summary, Chris Rock is frustrated with Jada Pinkett Smith’s continued discussion of their controversies and references to him. The issue has resurfaced as new revelations about her separation from Will Smith emerge. Chris wishes that Jada would stop mentioning his name. Despite the controversy, it’s revealed that Chris expressed interest in dating Jada, but it was based on a misunderstanding about her marital status.

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