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Brexit Vote Spurs Holiday #Brexodus

Brexit Vote Spurs Holiday Brexodus has unveiled a surge in the search for hotels on the day of the Brexit vote. As polling day swiftly approaches, British holidaymakers seem to be in pursuit of a Brexit escape, as indicated by fresh data from the prominent booking platform,™.

Year-over-year search data demonstrates a significant uptick, with over a 35% increase in Britons seeking holidays on June 23rd compared to the same date last year. This surge suggests that many travelers may opt for a mass exodus from the polling booths on that pivotal day.

In light of the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit implications, given the lack of a decisive lead for either side, it appears that some Britons are contemplating a getaway to the seaside, far from the fervor of the referendum.

Simon Matthews, Senior PR Manager at Brand, commented, “Whether it’s the consistently dismal weather or a desire to escape the Brexit chatter, we have certainly observed a spike in UK searches for hotel bookings on the day of the EU Referendum. It appears that some Britons might prefer to partake in a ‘Brexodus’ to sunnier destinations.”

This inclination is reinforced by the surge in search data for specific locations. Searches for Barcelona have increased by nearly 100%, while Amsterdam has seen around a 70% surge in bookings, and Berlin, the German capital, has witnessed a nearly 75% increase in search activity. Conversely, non-EU destinations like New York (up by nearly 30%), Las Vegas (approximately 20%), and Tokyo (approximately 30%) have not experienced as significant search upticks.

Additionally, a decline in search activity for UK destinations further underscores the connection between these search patterns and the desire of Britons to participate in the “Brexodus.” Searches for Edinburgh have dipped by over 30%, Manchester has seen a decrease of almost 20%, and Glasgow’s search activity has fallen by about 5% in the same period, all in comparison to last year’s figures.

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