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Bad Bunny Thanks His Fans and Addresses the Phone-Throwing Scandal in a New Song: LISTEN

Bad Bunny Thanks His Fans and Addresses the Phone-Throwing Scandal in a New Song LISTEN

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny has revisited the phone-throwing incident from last December in a track on his new album, “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.” In the song “Nadie Sabe,” he addressed both his true fans and those he referred to as “fake” fans and haters. In a line from the song, Bad Bunny raps, “Tú no ere’ mi fan real, por eso te tiré el celular,” which translates to “You’re not my real fan, that’s why I threw my cell phone at you.”

The controversy arose when Bad Bunny confronted a fan by throwing her phone, which was filmed and shared on social media, sparking debates among netizens. Some criticized the rapper for his behavior, while others defended him, arguing that the fan had provoked him. Bad Bunny later shared his perspective on social media, stating that he would always show attention and respect to those who approached him kindly but considered a phone shoved in his face as a sign of disrespect.

The rapper’s response to the incident in his song has been met with amusement and praise from his fans. It appears that standing up for himself has garnered him more admiration, as fans support his firm stance during the situation. Bad Bunny recently ended his hiatus from making music to release his new album. His music addresses the challenges of fame, a common theme among artists.

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