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8 Insightful Product Launch Advice for Business Owners

8 Insightful Product Launch Advice for Business Owners

Launching new products or services in the business world can be a nerve-wracking experience for entrepreneurs. The uncertainty and fear of bringing innovative ideas to the market often act as significant barriers. However, while the challenges may seem daunting, the success stories of product launches share common threads. Eight accomplished entrepreneurs and product launch experts generously offer their top tips for a successful product launch, sharing valuable insights that can guide and inspire new ventures.

Consider a Holistic Approach

Kelly Mistry, Owner of MyFairyTaleBooks, emphasizes the importance of a multifaceted approach to a product launch. Rather than viewing it as a one-time event, Mistry suggests sustaining awareness through various strategies. Leveraging social media, exclusive e-blasts, and year-round product messaging are key components of a comprehensive launch strategy.

Launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Albert Ko, Co-Founder of, advises entrepreneurs to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) as early as possible, even if it’s not perfect. Ko argues that getting consumer feedback early is crucial in validating market fit. If the pain point addressed is significant, users will provide feedback, saving the company valuable time and resources if there’s no market fit.

Don’t Forget Targeted PR

Jordan Warzecha, Co-Founder of Backstitch, stresses the power of personal communication with journalists and bloggers when seeking press for a product launch. He recommends researching the writers’ work and personalizing your outreach to establish connections and relevance to their previous pieces.

Launch with Co-Marketing Partners

According to Daniel James Scott, Founder of Alorum, the most effective approach to a product launch involves partnering with numerous individuals, companies, and organizations. These partnerships can introduce new channels, relationships, revenue streams, and customers. Leveraging these partnerships can, in turn, expand your company’s reach and customer base.

Organize a Live Event and Product Demonstration

Rachel Green, Founder and CEO of A Brand Called U, advocates organizing a private event featuring live product demonstrations for a select group of supporters and local media. By offering guests the opportunity to test and purchase the product at a discounted rate, you can create a buzz and enhance social media marketing campaigns, leading to increased sales. She also advises capturing real-life interactions to use as marketing tools on your website and social media.

Create Your Sales Funnel and Analytics Benchmarks

Russ Wallace, EIR of RAA Ventures, underscores the importance of developing a clear sales funnel model and investing in high-quality analytics. Data-driven decision-making is crucial for understanding customer behavior throughout the sales funnel. Wallace explains that optimizing conversion rates at different funnel stages is akin to generating free money for your business.

Gather Customer Testimonials

Ben Bakhshi, Product Manager of Coordinato, highlights the significance of showcasing user testimonials on your website. He recommends thorough testing with real-life users to collect valuable feedback. With their permission, these testimonials can be a core aspect of your company website or landing page.

Start the Sales Cycle Prior to Launch

The final tip comes from an experienced entrepreneur who advises generating interest in your product long before it’s ready to launch. By preparing landing pages, brochures, and other collateral materials in advance, you can initiate the sales cycle ahead of the product launch. This proactive approach ensures that customers are ready to make purchases as soon as your product is available.

Launching a new product or service may be intimidating, but the wisdom shared by these successful entrepreneurs offers a guiding light through the complexities of a product launch. Their tips encompass various aspects, from holistic strategies to engaging partners, showcasing testimonials, and harnessing the power of an MVP. By following these insights, entrepreneurs can navigate the product launch maze with confidence and increase their chances of a successful market entry.

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