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30-Year to Life Sentence for 2003 Rapes for Danny Masterson

30-Year to Life Sentence for 2003 Rapes for Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson, the actor famous for his role in “That ’70s Show,” has received a 30-year to life prison sentence for two counts of rape dating back to 2003. This ruling comes after a high-profile legal case that spanned several years.

California Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo delivered a stern message to Masterson during the sentencing, making it clear that he was not the victim in this case, emphasizing the gravity of his actions two decades ago. Masterson was told that his actions took away another person’s choice and voice, and that’s why he was facing criminal consequences.

During the sentencing, Masterson’s accusers provided impact statements, with one victim accusing him of taking pleasure in hurting women. Leah Remini, a vocal critic of Masterson, was reportedly present during the sentencing, highlighting the public interest in the case.

This sentencing follows Masterson’s conviction in May during a retrial. Notably, the jury reached a consensus on only two of the three counts, with the third being declared a mistrial and dismissed.

The victims, all associated with the Church of Scientology, accused Masterson of sexual abuse, with allegations dating to the early 2000s. During the retrial, disturbing details emerged, including claims that Masterson drugged his victims before sexually assaulting them.

Despite maintaining his innocence throughout the proceedings, Masterson’s conviction holds significance, not only because of his celebrity status but also due to its association with the Church of Scientology. The case highlights important issues of consent, accountability, and the courage it takes to speak out against sexual abuse.

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